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Success story – East Europe FMCG case

DatActions played a key role for a leading beverage brand (FMCG) in an Eastern European country by leveraging the potential of its data lake, along with data points collected through market visits, to build a winning solution in the traditional trade segment.

The client, a market leader but facing significant competition from other players, had a portfolio composed of multiple categories (CSD, Spirits, Beer, Coffee, Water) and faced two major challenges:

  • Growing in the Horeca channel, where they traditionally had a low presence.

  • Maintaining profitability in the fragmented retail channel, which was clearly consolidating towards Key Accounts.

Thanks to its extensive experience in data management and deep business knowledge, DatActions was able to provide the client with the right strategy by offering:

  • A clear "where-to-win" strategy based on a detailed exercise of potential by point of sale and category.

  • A profitability analysis by point of sale and category that allowed differentiation between profitable POS, those that could be with certain changes, and those that are not at all under the current model.

  • A new sales force strategy to capture the potential, especially in Horeca.

These tools allowed an optimization of the route-to-market (RTM) distribution model, reducing service costs and laying the foundation for sustained growth through:

  • The switch to another distribution and order-taking model (ISD) for certain Key Accounts with low profitability.

  • The switch to the ISD model for areas with lower potential and higher logistical costs.

  • The reformulation of the sales force with the creation of new specialized profiles.

Thanks to DatActions' expertise in data science and the implementation of a new distribution and sales model, the client achieved sustained growth in the Horeca channel, optimization of its distribution model, and the recovery of profitability in the fragmented retail channel.

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