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Manage the influx at your service stations

Improve your revenue from advanced analytics


Optimize your network of
service stations

Detect opening and closing opportunities

It understands where the covered and uncovered areas are and compares the information with the origin and destination of the travellers. Get insights on service areas with the possibility of closure and areas where new ones could be opened.

In new openings, identify the most optimal areas. Those with the highest concentration of global traffic and your audience of interest and with the greatest growth potential. 

Increase the

Get more spending from visitors

Understand how your visitors are and identify those products and events that they like, improving their Customer Experience and their average ticket. 

Know the segments with the greatest growth potential and focus your marketing efforts on them. Detect those profiles that used to consume and no longer do so to avoid leaks to the competition.

Profile knowing.png

Understand the results
of your events

mockup ejemplo.png

Optimize events and promotions

Analyze the information of the clients that you attract to your events and clearly identify if the profiles and origins attracted are the desired ones. Evaluates the suitability of repeating events of the same type.

Measure the halo effect over time of the impact of your campaigns and events. Understand if an event affects a temporary or permanent increase in billing.

 Our success stories

l'illa bcn.jpg

L'illa Diagonal

L'illa Diagonal, a DatActionS client since 2017, is a benchmark shopping center in Barcelona



Grandvalira  is the largest resort in the Pyrenees and a benchmark in its sector both in winter and summer

Mercat Ninot.jpg

Barcelona Markets

With 125 years of history, the Mercat del Ninot is one of the most important markets in Barcelona

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