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Success story – Latam FMCG case

DatActions played a crucial role as a key partner for a leading FMCG brand in a European country by harnessing the potential of data through the development of an integrated sales data management solution.

The client was confronted with significant challenges, including a loss of market share and control in a highly fragmented channel that accounted for 65% of their sales. With over 120 distributors, many of whom had limited digital acumen, data sharing was minimal, severely restricting the client's ability to manage, incentivize, and control the market.

Leveraging their extensive expertise in data science, DatActions designed an integrated platform, which was subsequently implemented by a local provider, to connect the client's internal sell-in data with the external sell-out data from distributors. The key components of this solution included:

  1. Designing standard templates for monthly sell-out data collection from each distributor.

  2. Integrating the client's internal sales and delivery data with outlet-level sell-out data from over 120 distributors, consolidating everything into a single platform.

  3. Mapping the value chain for the client's portfolio, spanning from the warehouse to the outlet point of sale (POS), encompassing various distributors and regions.

This integrated platform automated insights and predictive models, resulting in the following benefits for the client:

  1. Optimizing the route-to-market (RTM) distribution model, which reduced the cost-to-serve.

  2. Designing the most suitable product portfolio offerings based on regional variations, customer segments, and seasonal trends.

  3. Enhancing sales performance through targeted promotions and tailored activations.

Overall, DatActions' expertise in data science and the implementation of the integrated sales data management solution enabled the client to regain market share, improve control over the fragmented channel, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and profitability.

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