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Success story – Ajuntament d'Olot

Olot is located in La Garrotxa, an area of great natural and scenic beauty, being a great pole of tourist attraction located in the north of Catalonia. In the middle of this region stands the city with a vibrant center that articulates the commercial activity of the region, both for local inhabitants and tourists. 


After several attempts to know the total number of visitors through hardware installation, the Ajuntament d'Olot trusts us to know the visitors at: 


  • The Historical Center

  • The Municipal Market

The DatActionS solution allows them to: 

  • Plan services at locations based on knowing how many people visit them and at what times. In addition, it allows them to anticipate based on the predictive models of DatActionS. 

  • Optimize investment in promotion by using DatActionS predictive models to know exactly where and when these actions should be carried out.

  • Understand the impact of the events held in the total number of visitors and in profiles, thus allowing those that have the greatest impact to continue. 

  • Optimize day-to-day management through reports that give insights clearly and from a single data management platform. 

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