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Success story – Calella Town Hall

Calella de Mar, is one of the main tourist centers of the Maresme coast, it is a city of more than 20,000 inhabitants with a population that triples in the summer months. Its capacity as a great tourist attraction places it as a pioneer tourist destination at European level. 

In one of the most critical moments for tourism, the summer of 2020, Calella contacts DatActions to help them manage the capacity of the beaches and find out how the public behaves on them. DatActionS has provided this information to Calella for multiple seasons. 

Calella Town Hall trusts DatActionS for: 

  • Know the capacity on the beaches given the great risk that large crowds entail in times of pandemic. The DatActions tool allows for virtual zoning of the beach with real-time capacity control. 

  • Anticipate crowds with a predictive system in the short, medium and long term that allows them to accurately know the total number of expected visitors in intervals as short as 30 minutes in order to make appropriate decisions. 

  • Monitor the profiles and origins of your audience, being able to anticipate changes in their trends through the predictive models of DatActions and carrying out the appropriate promotional actions to reverse or reinforce the observed trends. 

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