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Success story – DK Group

Grupo DK  is the main shopping center management group in Ecuador, with eight shopping centers located in the capital, Quito, and in the cities of Guayaquil and Manta.   In Ecuador, prior to the project developed by DatActionS, digitization projects had never been undertaken in commercial space such as the one undertaken, so the challenge was enormous. 

In the first place, a conversation was held with the telephone operator to initiate a structure of KPIs and data processing that did not exist until now. From this, a data structure was prepared, until now non-existent, which allowed knowing: 

  • Sociodemographic profile and socioeconomic profile of visitors

  • Place of work and residence

  • Interests and hobbies of the person

This information was cross-referenced with other data sources such as traffic data to shopping centers and also data on trajectories within this center.  

The data lake  generated allowed to fully understand the customer journey, achieving analytical management from the automated insights of DatActions and its predictive models. Some of his hits are for example: 

  • Overcoming the difficulties of COVID by optimizing capacity

  • The optimization of marketing actions in multiple locations and the ability to evaluate campaigns launched at a multi-centre level. 

  • The increase in productivity by generating a single platform that allowed the comparison of multiple locations with equivalent KPIs. 

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