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Success story – La Torre Outlet

The Outlet Tower is the only Outlet-type center in the Aragón area, being a benchmark when it comes to top-brand shopping. Not only this, but its commercial offer is completed with an important retail park. The retail park has recently been awarded as the best retail park in Spain 2021.

In an infrastructure of these dimensions, the amount of data generated is enormous and La Torre Outlet relies on DatActions as data manager, integrating in a single platform:


  • Persons account data​

  • Parking sensor data

  • Trajectories within the shopping center (WIFI sensory)

  • billing information

  • social media data

  • Visitor profiling data

  • Other data sources

This amount of data allows La Torre Outlet to have a completely omnichannel view of its customers, knowing their entire journey: where they live and their socio-demographic profile , when they visit the shopping center, how they come , where they go inside the center and Finally, where do you spend?

This complete vision, together with the DatActions predictive models and their automated insights, allows Torre Outlet to follow a completely data-driven model and make critical decisions, always based on the best information available in semi-real time.

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