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Atardecer en el Tibidabo

Manage the influx in your  tourist attraction

Improve your revenue from advanced analytics

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Increase your ability to  attraction

Understand where your potential audience is located

Analyze the total number of potential visitors that are in the city, how many come to your area, how many stay outside and how many enter.

Take actions to improve the percentage of each segment that ends up visiting your attraction, achieving increases in visits and revenue.

Optimize your investment
at marketing

Run campaigns with higher ROI

It uses predictive models to detect in which profiles and areas there is greater growth potential.

Carry out targeted campaigns or actions to attract more footfall. 
Identify those profiles that used to come and no longer come.

Get accurate insights on how and where you should impact them.  Run
campaigns with more informed segmentation and higher ROI. 

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Understand the results of your  events

Optimize events and promotions

Analyze the information of the clients that come to your events and clearly identify if the profiles and origins attracted are the desired ones and evaluate the suitability of repeating events of the same type.

Measure the halo effect over time of the impact of your segmented and geolocated campaigns and events. Understand if an event has an impact on a temporary or permanent increase in footfall.

Our success stories

Ajuntament Olot.jpg

OIot Town Hall

In an area of great natural attraction, the center of the city of Olot attracts both locals and tourists

Ajuntament Reus.jpg

Reus Town Hall

Reus has the most important and lively shopping center in the province of Tarragona.

Mercat Ninot.jpg

Barcelona Markets

With 125 years of history, the Mercat del Ninot is one of the most important markets in Barcelona

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